Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Principal's Message

It has been a successful first quarter and smooth transition into the second quarter! Fall sports wrapped up with some exciting post region matches, especially Volleyball who finished 4th in a very tough volleyball region and 7th overall in the state. Football also gave us something else to cheer about with an historic post season run after placing 2nd in region. RHS Football was beat by just two teams this season, both of which are now playing for the state championship. Additionally, Girls Soccer finished 2nd in region, Cross Country qualified two girls for the state meet, and Boys Golf ended up sending over 6 players to the state tournament. Girls Tennis had a great season as well and will be back with a vengeance next year.

We hope you had a chance to see the school musical, Thoroughly Modern Millie. Students and teachers worked countless hours on tap dances, chorus choreography, wonderful music, and the creation of amazing sets.

FFA had a very successful experience with the Ag Issues team at Nationals in Kentucky, and the National Honor Society held its largest induction ever of over 100 students. We also congratulate the following Riverton High Sterling Scholar Winners: Cole Thorpe (Social Sciences), Shelby Christopherson (Dance), Jacob Wilcox (Business & Marketing), McKay Christensen (Math), Erica Smith (English), Keegan Pitchford (Science), Marina McNeill (World Languages), Nathan Taylor (Computer Technology), Logan Crawford (Skilled & Technical Sciences), Caitlyn Stock (Family & Consumer Sciences), Megan Able (Theater Arts), Porter Bagley (Vocal Performance), Britney Johnson (Visual Arts), Rachyl Davenport (Instrumental Music).

Now that the first quarter is behind us we begin to look ahead toward “the most wonderful time of the year.” Soon Silver Rush will be underway and the whole community will be involved in the spirit of giving. Earlier this school year Riverton High accepted the Champions for Child Abuse Award, which was presented to our Student Body Officers on behalf all Riverton students for their efforts to help end child abuse. Even though Riverton didn’t work directly on that effort last year, they have provided funds to several charities that work directly with abused children in years past.

At the awards ceremony, I had a chance to review the process our student officers go through to select a charity each year. By now Riverton is so well known for their charitable fundraising efforts in December that many charities and initiatives seek us out early in the school year and sometimes in the summer.

In the fall, student officers begin studying the charities, looking for hands on opportunities to serve and perhaps a chance to work directly with those in need. As they begin narrowing their search they make visits to charities, collect and read literature, watch promotional videos, interview employees, and spend time learning about significant community issues and needs. Finally, they compile all the information and small groups make presentations to their student government peers. It is during these presentations that officers pose questions to each other to better understand the charities they studied. At the conclusion of the presentations they cast secret ballots to settle on a charity.

As I watched students’ presentations again this year I considered the authentic learning process these students experience as they prepare for Silver Rush. For years in the district office I promoted content area literacy, which is basically the ability to read, write, and speak about content in areas other than language arts. That’s exactly what these student officers do as they study, listen, interview, read, write about, create, and deliver presentations to each other and their advisors about local and global concerns and the people who are working to alleviate human suffering.

Student government loves keeping the chosen charity a secret until the big reveal which happens at a Silver Rush opening assembly. Even then, these officers prepare a promotional presentation intended to educate, excite, and enlist supporters around a valuable cause. During the three weeks of Silver Rush student leaders continue to educate their peers about the issues surrounding the charity, whether it’s information about child abuse, hearing loss, wheelchair accessibility, poverty, refugees, or children’s health, just to name a few.

Ultimately, the goals of Silver Rush are to raise money for a good cause, build unity as a school community, become better educated about issues many people face around us, and promote citizenship through service. So, while the general public may see Silver Rush as a lot of teenagers shaking bottles and cans and requesting donations, I am grateful for the teachers and administrators who have worked for so many years to establish this event as an opportunity for students to practice authentic learning as they research issues within the community and to come together to foster the life-long skill of selflessness.

Silver Rush Schedule of Events

Dec. 1 Opening Assembly @ 9
Dec. 2 Zupas Night 5-9
Dec. 3 Silver Rush CD Release 7pm in the Auditorium, $5 admission
Dec. 4 Improv Night 6 and 8 PM
Dec. 6 Movie Night in the Main Gym, $2 admission
Dec. 9 Mr. Silver Rush Pageant 7PM in auditorium, $5 admission
Chick-fil-a night 5-7
Dec.10 Buffalo Wild Wings Night
Dec.13 Ugly Sweater Stomp 7PM Admission $5
Dec.15 Buffalo Wild Wings Night
Dec.16 Texas Roadhouse Night
Dec.17 Campout 4-11PM
Dec.18 Multifarious Assembly
Dec. 19 Closing Assembly at 1:30 in Main Gym

2014-2015 Sterling Scholar Winners!

- Cole Thorpe (Social Sciences)
- Shelby Christopherson (Dance)
- Jacob Wilcox (Business & Marketing)
- McKay Christensen (Math)
- Erica Smith (English)
- Keegan Pitcford (Science)
- Marina McNeill (World Languages)
- Nathan Taylor (Computer Technology)
- Logan Crawford (Skilled & Technical Sciences)
- Caitlyn Stock (Family & Consumer Sciences)
- Megan Able (Theater Arts)
- Porter Bagley (Vocal Performance)
- Britney Johnson (Visual Arts)

- Rachyl Davenport (Instrumental Music)

Drama Department

Congratulations to the Riverton High School Technical Olympics Team that took 3rd Place at the Utah Shakespeare Competition in Cedar City.  The team consisted of: Megan Abel (Stage Management), Karyssa Black (hair and makeup), Cayson Williams (sound), Mason Francis (rigging), JD Abel (sound), Jeremiah Zolman (props), Daryll McKane (costuming), and Brisko Averett (construction).  Nice work!
The Riverton High School MDT Class is proud to present their winter Broadway revue, I Got You onFriday, Jan. 9th and Monday, Jan. 13th at 7:00pm.  Come see 24 different numbers from 24 different Broadway shows- accompanied by Mr. Kelly DeHaan.  We are also honored to perform this revue at the end of January for the Utah Theatre Conference being held at Brigham Young University.  It's going to be a lot of fun.
Auditions for the school play Leading Ladies will be Monday, Dec. 15th in the RHS Drama room.  You will be reading selections from the play and do not need to have anything prepared.  Set in the 1950s, two English Shakespearean actors, Jack and Leo, find their careers in a rut. They are currently performing "Scenes from Shakespeare" on the Moose Lodge circuit in the Amish country of Pennsylvania. However, when they hear that an old lady in York, PA is about to die and leave her fortune to her two long lost English nephews they resolve to pass themselves off as her beloved relatives and get the cash. Hilarity ensues when it turns out the relatives are actually nieces and not nephews. Things get even more complicated when Leo falls madly in love with the old lady’s vivacious niece, Meg, who’s engaged to the local minister.
Congratulations to EVERYONE that helped with the school musical Thoroughly Modern Millie.  It was a huge success!

Student Spotlight

Jena Johanson, a senior, is always ready for a challenge or to try something new. Academically, Jena has taken honors and AP classes. She has a 3.9 grade point average and a 30 on the ACT. Jena is interested in a career in political science and journalism. She has been accepted to both Arizona State University and the University of Arizona’s Honors College. Jena has been offered the New University of America scholarship. She is waiting to see if she has been accepted at the University of Pennsylvania, where they have a strong political science program. Jena has gotten involved in the recent elections including walking the streets with House of Representatives candidate, Colleen Bliss. Jena enjoys volunteering at Courage Reigns where she helps with riding lessons for children with physical or developmental challenges.  Jena also enjoys running in 5Ks, and she is on the Riverton lacrosse team.

Hailey Skolmoski, a senior at Riverton High School, is not only a high achiever with her grades, but in all aspects of her life.  She has played soccer since she was 5 years old and has been recruited by colleges from the time she was 14 years old.  She has played all over the country as well as on the national team in Costa Rica.  She gives 100% on the field whether in practice or a game.  She was offered scholarships from several Division 1 schools, and was committed to play at the University of Utah at the age of 16. (on her 16th birthday)

Not only is she amazing on the soccer field, but she is a committed student.  She received Academic All State for soccer with a 4.0 GPA.  With her perfect grades and high ACT score, Hailey plans to go into Education at the University of Utah.  One of Hailey's greatest attributes is that she does not give up, no matter how discouraged she gets. When something gets hard, she just works harder. In addition, Hailey is a girl who cares deeply and loves with her whole heart.  If you are her friend, you know what that means.  She loves serving others, loves to spend time with her family, and strives daily to be a good person.  Her achievements thus far in her 17 years are admirable.  She has many more great years ahead as a UTE and a future teacher.  

Driver Education Information


Thank you for not parking in the maroon parking stalls in the north parking lot between 2:30 & 7:00 p.m. Monday – Friday and Saturday mornings. We would rather not tow or ticket your vehicles!!!  Park in a yellow stall and you will be safe! Thanks for your cooperation.

3rd Quarter DRIVER EDUCATION students (& parents)

It is time for you to get your Learner Permit if you have not already done so. It is to your advantage to get your permit from the Utah Driver License Division BEFORE the quarter begins (driverlicense.utah.gov). You must score a minimum of 80% on the Utah Driver Handbook examination to apply for a Utah learner permit. Coach Galley has Utah Driver Handbooks available free of charge in his classroom and he also offers the test free of charge in Room 2626 before school (Mon-Thur) at 7:00 a.m. You may also go directly to the D.L. D. to take the test. If you do not plan on getting a learner permit, please see your counselor to transfer out of 3rd  quarter Dr. Ed. Thanks!


Our popular Dr. Ed. Parent Nights are scheduled in the auditorium each quarter for the parent(s) of current Dr. Ed. students. We encourage you to look ahead and save the date for when you will need to attend. Please note that the general public and any other family members or friends are also invited to join us at this powerful presentation. The Zero Fatalities Parent Night is informative and life changing.

R.H.S. Auditorium from 7:00-8:15 p.m.

2nd Quarter  Monday, November 24th 
3rd Quarter  Monday, February 9th  
4th Quarter  Monday, April 13th

Back in ’82…or ’72…or even ’92…

Times sure have changed. Kids who once were begging to get their driver’s licenses are becoming difficult to find. Now that teens can survive anywhere with a little food, water, and their phone, transportation and face to face human interaction just isn’t that important anymore. So, why drive? It’s dangerous and expensive and they have apps to download! R.H.S. currently has several hundred students who have passed the classroom phase but have not completed the driving phases (range and/or road, including the road test). Please do not make the mistake that many are making: thinking that they can just go to the D.L.D. and ask for a license without completing the state-mandated requirements. If your student has dragged his or her feet and would now like to join the millions of other Americans who have a driver license, please send them to Coach Galley in Room 2626. Regardless of the reason(s) or excuse(s) for not completing, he can help the “licenseless”.


FCCLA has had a busy November.  Members have been creating “Little Monsters” stuffed toys and making suckers to sell at Festival of Trees. 

There was also a fun Ice-Skating activity at the Olympic Oval.  Students from Region 2 (Jordan, Granite and Tooele Districts) attended.  It was fun to meet students from different schools.

Members should be preparing their STAR Events for Region (February 5) and State (March 11-12) competitions.

RHS Art Department

           The new Riverton Police Station that is under construction asked the art students to participate in a community service by painting the children's wall. This room will provide a safe and friendly environment for children to be when their parents are in crisis and have need to come to the station. It is to be a community serving building for Riverton. Feel free to stop in and see the new building when it is finally ready for the unveiling to be announced in the future. The students' who participated were: Melanie Barker, Shayleen Bird, Decker Brohl, Tianna Fullmer, Josephine Rivera, Riley Sligting, Kira Smith, Kirsten Spencer, McKay Christensen, and Anthony Hicks under the direction of Robyn Harris.

Student of the Month

Student of the Month for October 2014

Student - (teacher that nominated student)
Benjamin Vandeveegaete – (Michael Miller)
Michael Woolley – (Chase Englestead)
Stetson Rigby -  (Michael Hutchings)
Makayla Hunick – (Jennifer Riley)
Marii Fullmer – (Steve Galley)
Dallin McArthur – (Robert Morris)
Nicole McDonald – (Amy Johnson)
Chad Baker – (Michael Perry)
Toni Frank – (Shauna Mitchell)
Heidi Harrington – (Kristen Simon-Hill)
Kierra Trickett - (Edward Willis)       

Friday, October 24, 2014

Teacher Spotlight - Katelyn Elliott

My name is Katelyn Elliott I am 23 years old. I am from Spanish Fork Utah and I graduated from the University of Utah with a bachelor's in Exercise Science. I've played sports my entire life (softball, basketball, soccer) and I continued my athletic career in softball at the University of Utah. I am now the head softball coach the softball team here at RHS and I teach health and Medical Anatomy and Physiology. My hobbies are snowmobiling, hunting, horse riding and basically anything outdoors.  

September Students of the Month

Congratulations to the Students of the Month for September!

Cera Gowans
Morgan Bradshaw
Lauren Lund
Jacob Klausmeier
Noah Filoso
Ensley Exeter
Sera Ashman
Katri Harker
Kierra Trickett

Teacher Spotlight - Megan Murdock

Growing up I was always the child who "didn't get the memo". In the second grade all the girls came to school dressed as adorably over-sized babies for Halloween and I strolled in with a cane and mustache dressed like Charlie Chaplin. In my early twenties I lived in and traveled around Central and South America where I burned my garbage in my backyard and ate armadillo regularly. I eventually finished graduate school at the U with my M.Ed (Master of Education) for Spanish and English teaching and now teach English here at Riverton. I'm the proud parent of three chickens, I play the fiddle, I'm a Golden Girls fanatic and I am a Silverwolf. #baeisnotaword

Thoroughly Modern Millie - School Play

Don't miss our upcoming school play.  There are over 100 Riverton students who are participating in this production.


Want to find out what you are good at?
Need some direction in choosing a career?
Sign up for the ASVAB Test!
Friday, November 14
8:30am – 11:00 am
At Riverton High School

ASVAB is a Career Exploration Program that tests APTITUDE & includes an INTEREST INVENTORY.
See the following link for more information:  


No Cost!
Gives you direction!
Come sign up in the Career Center today!

Driver's Education

Thank you for not parking in the maroon parking stalls in the north parking lot between 2:30 & 7:00 p.m. Monday – Friday and Saturday mornings. We would rather not tow or ticket your vehicles!!!  Park in a yellow stall and you will be safe! Thanks for your cooperation.

2nd Quarter DRIVER EDUCATION students (& parents)
It is time for you to get your Learner Permit if you have not already done so. It is to your advantage to get your permit from the Utah Driver License Division BEFORE the quarter begins (driverlicense.utah.gov). You must score a minimum of 80% on the Utah Driver Handbook examination to apply for a Utah learner permit. Coach Galley has Utah Driver Handbooks available free of charge in his classroom and he also offers the test free of charge in Room 2626 before school (Mon-Thur) at 7:00 a.m. You may also go directly to the D.L. D. to take the test. If you do not plan on getting a learner permit, please see your counselor to transfer out of 2nd quarter Dr. Ed. Thanks!

Our popular Dr. Ed. Parent Nights are scheduled in the auditorium each quarter for the parent(s) of current Dr. Ed. students. We encourage you to look ahead and save the date for when you will need to attend. Also, the general public and any other family members or friends are more than welcome to attend. The Zero Fatalities presentation is informative, entertaining, and possibly life changing. You will not regret your attendance! All presentations are in the R.H.S. Auditorium from 7:00-8:15 p.m.

2nd Quarter Monday, November 24th
3rd Quarter  Monday, February 9th  
4th Quarter  Monday, April 13th


FCCLA is off to a great start. In September, eight of the officers were able to attend a Leadership Training in Provo. They were able to network with other FCCLA Officers from around the state, listen to great speakers, plan activities and enjoyed an etiquette lunch.

The Opening Social was a success as student played games and learned more about FCCLA in a "Who Wants to be a Millionaire"game. Activity concluded with gourmet ice cream sandwiches.

This month we had a "T.G.I.FCCLA.F" (Thank Goodness It's FCCLA Friday) activity in the Silver Diner. Members brought their own lunch and then enjoyed "FCCLA Frappe" and different kinds of brownies.

We have some really fun activities coming up:
October 23: We will be having a "Haunted Amazing Race" activity.  Meet in room #1128 right after school.
November 6th: There will be an Area 2 activity - more information will be coming.
November 13th: It is time to make "My Cute Little Monster" for Festival of Trees.  Member need to make 2 Little Monsters to qualify to go on the Festival of Trees field trip on December 3rd.

FCCLA is the place to be for Fun, Competitions, Conferences, Service Projects AND Food!

If your haven't joined yet - IT'S NOT TOO LATE! Contact a FCCLA Officer or a FACS teacher for more information!

National Merit Scholar Awards

Riverton High is fortunate to have four outstanding 12th grade students nominated for National Merit Scholar awards.  Their high scores on the PSAT qualified them for this honor. Congratulations to the following individuals:

Porter Bagley maintains a 4.0 GPA in courses that have been rigorous. He is been heavily involved in music and theater here at Riverton High. He has been a member of Tenor/ Bass Choir, and is presently a member of Music Dance Theater (MDT) group and is in Concert and Madrigal choirs. He loves to act and has been in several theater productions. Porter has expressed that being an actor has given him confidence to succeed in life.  He played Cornelius in “Hello Dolly” last year.  Porter also excels at math. He is hoping to attend Harvard University to study math and/or finance. He has studied three years of Chinese. He plans on serving an LDS mission before attending college. Congratulations Porter for all your great work.

Nathan Taylor is well-rounded, hard-working and organized. Nathan loves to learn as evidenced by his challenging and rigorous class schedule. He has been able juggle work, service and extracurricular and still maintains a 3.9 GPA in his schoolwork. He won second place in the Regional Science Fair in the computer science category. He started a Computer Programming club at Riverton High.  In addition, he is a valued member of the Riverton Symphonic and Marching Bands where he plays trumpet. He is and Eagle Scout and is a member of the LDS Seminary Council.  Nathan hopes to pursue a career in Software Engineering.  He is well respected by both peers and adults.

Joshua Garrard is not only intellectually gifted but also a very well rounded young man. He has learned how to balance academic pursuits with important activities that develop positive character traits. Joshua has taken the most rigorous courses available in high school.  The majority of his courses have been honors or advanced placement.  He has enrolled in nine Advanced Placement classes in high school and has passed the majority of his tests with a score of 5.  Joshua maintains a 3.8 grade point. He is on the football and track teams which require many hours after school.  He is an officer in the DECA and FBLA business clubs where he has been in charge of a variety of fund-raising events.  He is on the school newspaper and in the ACappella Choir.  His goals are to study Business Management or Political Science in college after he serves an LDS mission.

Tyler Kiel is a perfect example of what a National Merit Scholar should be.  He exhibits inner motivation and strength.  He has chosen extremely rigorous courses and has maintained a 3.8 GPA.  He has taken multiple Honors and AP courses at Riverton High and participated in the ALP's program in middle school.  Tyler has a goal of pursuing a career in commercial aviation and is planning on completing the Sky-west Bridge Program at UVU.  He is currently attending the pilot program through the Jordan Applied Technology Center while taking three AP classes.  He is also participating with the Marching Band and Concert Band where he plays flute. 

Reflection Winners

Riverton High School Reflections Winners
Marina McNeill
12th Grade
Emma Barlow
10th Grade
Shelby Moss
12th Grade
Megan Sansom
10th Grade
Katherine Van Wagoner
10th Grade
Lakyn Butterfield
12th Grade
Symphonie Wheeler
12th Grade
Music Composition
Lauren Beck
12th Grade
Marina McNeill
12th Grade
Isaac Van Wagoner
12th Grade
Katherine Van Wagoner
10th Grade
Visual Arts
Katherine Van Wagoner
10th Grade
Visual Arts
Isaac Van Wagoner
12th Grade
Visual Arts
Lakyn Butterfield
12th Grade
Visual Arts
Symphonie Wheeler
12th Grade
Thank you to First Utah Bank in Riverton and RHS PTSA for supporting Reflections!  All students who entered received a Refillable Megaplex mug and large popcorn. And for every entry a $10 gift card to the District movies along with a Menchies, crazy bread from Little Ceasars, small pizza from Pappa Murpheys, a cookie from Great Harvest, an ice cream cone from Arctic Circle and an activity from Classic Skating. Wow! it pays to enter Reflections.

All of the above entries will be moving on to the Counsel level. Good luck on the next level!

            Wow the first two months of school have gone by so quickly this year.  The PTSA board would like to thank all of you that supported our fundraiser for this school year.  We held a fun run on Saturday October 11th and a pancake breakfast afterward.  We want to thank our sponsors for their support, they were RunGr8, Costco of South Jordan, Menchies Yogurt, and Great Harvest Bread in Draper.  We would also like to thank our school administrators for helping facilitate the event.  And a big thank you to track members who volunteered as well as PTSA students and PLT students for their help.  Our chairpersons were Marvelle Morgan and Angela Acord who did an amazing job organizing the event. 

            We are currently looking for RHS students who are in a band and would like to compete in the PTSA Battle of the Bands.  The performance is scheduled for Friday November 21st at 7:00 pm in the RHS auditorium.  Tickets will be $5.00 each and can be purchased in the main office as well as at the door.  They will most likely be available for purchase around November 14th 2014.  We hope you will come and participate all proceeds will go to Silver Rush.  The PTSA student group will also be organizing a Zumba party to be held on a Friday night in December.  The party will be open to all students, families, staff, friends and neighbors.  All ages are welcome so come join us for a great time. Dates will be announced within the next few weeks.  All proceeds will go to Silver Rush.

            We are always looking for people who would like to volunteer with different programs and projects so fell free to email Sheila at sheilamcd@msn.com if you are interested.  We also encourage students and parents to join PTSA or appreciate one time donations.  You can pay membership or submit donations through the main office.

We as Your RHS PTSA Board Thank You for all of your Support!

Sheila McDonald

RHS PTSA President

Friday, September 26, 2014

RHS Staff Spotlight

I love Riverton High School! This has been a great year full of learning experiences, and AWESOME students and faculty.

I am a wife to an amazing guy, mom to 4 incredible girls and 2 dogs. I love to read, craft, play and watch sports. I especially love watching and cheering on my girls!I work in the counseling center as a "tracker" or mentor, where I get to work with students, helping them find success in school. Through consistent visits, we discuss organization, study habits, stress and time management and NEVER give up. I have met some incredible students and consider myself lucky to be here! RHS is the BEST!

From Anita Nielsen, School Psychologist. "Tina is a great asset to the counseling center here at RHS. She has been dedicated to the students she works with. Tina has good communication skills and relates well with the students. She offers caring support to students who are struggling to be successful in school."

Student Spotlight

Ashlin Gates a senior at Riverton High School is an extremely motivated student who has taken the steps necessary to accomplish her goals.  She maintains a 3.9 GPA, has taken numerous advanced placement classes and has passed five AP tests.   Ashlin has earned an Advanced Placement International Diploma through College Board.  She was awarded a scholarship through the National Security Initiative for Youth through the United States State Department to study Persian in Tajikistan. She has been learning to speak and master the Persian language over the course of two years.  She was involved in a cultural and language immersion program in Tajikistan where she lived in a Persian home and attended Persian language classes.   After returning back to the United States, she took and passed an oral proficiency exam for Persian and became an alumni of the United States State Department.  She is very interested in languages and is in AP Spanish this year but has also studied Mandarin Chinese. She has been a member of the Model European Union and Interact clubs.  In 2014, she attended classes through the Startalk program at UCLA for Persian language studies where she earned the equivalent of one year of high school credit.   Her plans are to attend a college outside of the state of Utah where she can continue her study of Persian and related languages.  


FCCLA is ready for a great school year. The officers for this coming year are:
PRESIDENT - Lakyn Butterfield
VP PROGRAMS - Whitney Nordhoff
VP MEMBERSHIP - Thekla Hughes
VP STAR EVENTS - Sierra Francis

They recently attended the State Leadership conference.
Upcoming events include: Region Activity, creating items for Festival of Trees, Festival of Trees
field trip, service projects, preparing for STAR Event competitions, and lunches bunch activities.
For more information about FCCLA contact one of the officers or any of the FACS teachers.

Girls Basketball


Girls Basketball Open Gyms:
Tuesday,  Oct 28, 6-8 pm
Wednesday, Oct 29, 6-8 pm
Tuesday,  Nov  4, 6-8 pm
Wednesday, Nov  5, 6-8 pm
Thursday, Nov  6, 6-8 pm
*Parent tryout information meeting Thursday, Nov 6, 8 pm
immediately following open gym.

Girls Basketball Tryouts:
Monday, Nov 10
Tuesday, Nov 11
*Time and gym locations TBA.

*Questions and concerns contact:
Coach Ron Ence at ron.ence@jordandistrict.org