Friday, January 27, 2017

Riverton High Arts Department Presents

Come support our talented students!


Second quarter was a busy one for FCCLA! In November, we spent time getting ready to participate in the Festival of Trees.   We were then able to take a field trip to enjoy the members hard work in this service learning project!  Megan and Madison Sansom, both Utah State Officers have put in lots of hard work getting ready for the Region Conference.  It will be held February 8th at BYU.  Riverton FCCLA is excited they will have 18 students who will participate in STAR events.  We also would like to recognize the 26 students who have started and are currently working to complete Power of One, where students set goals in 5 area of their life they wish to improve.

RHS Choir Tryouts

TRYOUTS for the 2017-18 school year will be held on FEBRUARY 23-24, and the 27 in the choir room (#1901).  Sign up for a time slot to audition for one of our three top choirs:

A'Cappella Concert Choir
Cadence Women’s Choir
Madrigals Chamber Choir

Encourage your student to audition!!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Girls Golf

All those interested in trying out for the girls golf team, we are having a player/parent meeting on Tuesday, February 21st at 3:15 pm in room 1403. Please come and meet the coaches and get all the information for our up coming season.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Sterling Scholar Nominees

RHS 2016-17 Sterling Scholars Department Nominees

Peyton Smith (Instrumental Music)
Erin Jessen (Social Sciences) 
Kaitlyn Wallace (Dance) 
Taylor Jacobson (Business & Marketing) 
Jonathan Mousley (Math) 
Samantha Petersen (English) 
Benjamin Fisher (Science) 
Ashley Kunz (World Languages) 
Kimberly Young (Computer Technology) 
Robert Saunders (Skilled & Technical Sciences) 
Ashlin Lee (Family & Consumer Sciences) 
Gentrey Jeppsen (Theater Arts) 
Taylor Knorpp (Vocal Performance) 
Josh Marchant (Visual Arts) 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Students of the Month - January

(Student and teacher who nominated them)
Mikey Rowe - Clin Eaton
Skylar Hinojosa - Megan Murdock
Megan Seng - Sam Rogers
Jake Powell - Rhonda Spivey
McKenzie Richardson - Becky Tueller
Kynlee Bingham - Laura Taylor
Kyli Peguillan - Paul Moizer
Kylie Park - Jordan Vance
Hazen Stowell - Daniel Melville
Christian Erickson - Christine LeBel

Student of the Month - December

(Student and teacher who nominated them)
Blake Lewis - Dan Henderson
Ricki Lloyd - Tamara Rajczyk
Kathleen Rice - Robert Allred
Nikki Cram - Josh Briggs
Kaylan Davis - Leslie Thompson
Ronnie Gilbert - Mindy Tidwell
Haylie Winters - Candace Foringer
Christian Erickson - Christine LeBel
Melynne Thomas - Belva Parks
Samantha Trujullo - Shauna Mitchell
Clark Conrad - Scott Weber
Taylor Hilton - Michael Perry

Student of the Month - November

(Student and teacher who nominated them)
Ethan Borg - Tiffany Linney
Bridger Kirkman - Chase Englestead
Elizabeth Maynard - Cindy Morrey
Teagan Perry - Robert Morris
Katherine Van Wagoner - Amy Johnson
Brooklynn Gee - Jeanne Yamashita
Levi Hunick - Angela Pommerening
Saylor Lighten - Andrew Powers