Wednesday, January 20, 2016


December was such a fun and exciting month for us. We have some fun things coming up these next few months so stay tuned!  Competitions are starting, so check with any FCCLA officer or FACS teacher to get help and ideas. These competitions look great on college applications and can count towards an enhanced diploma for the FACS department if you’re a senior.

In December we were very busy! We did a service activity and made stuffed monsters for The Festival of Trees. All proceeds were donated to Primary Children’s Hospital. Our members took a field trip to The Festival of Trees to check out all the trees and donations!  We also contributed to Silver Rush by selling Italian Sodas at lunch and they were a HIT!

FCCLA and SKILLS USA were in charge of this year's Boy’s Choice Dance, No Cash $mash! Thank you to all who helped with preparations and planning. We were so excited to see it all come together. The dance was Saturday, January 16 in the Big Gym.  The goal was to come dressed in whatever you want that doesn't cost a penny.   Prizes were awarded to the couples with the cheapest date ideas. It was a fun night for those who attended.

One of the greatest opportunities you have being an  FCCLA member are the competitions that are held.  STAR Events stand for Students Taking Action with Recognition.  In these events you compete as a team or individually in a specific category.  Groups of FCCLA students are working hard on their STAR Events in preparation for Region Convention - February 4th in Provo.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

SILVER PUPS PRESCHOOL is now taking names for the 2016-17 school year.  We are enrolling 3 1/2 - 4 year old children in our program.  The curriculum will focus on all areas of child development and your child will get lots of individual attention from the high school students. For more information please e-mail:

Friday, January 15, 2016

Reflections Awards Recipients

Award of Excellence - Visual Arts
Jaycee Fairbourne
Cassidy Bailie
Sidney Makar
Kailey Lloyd

Emma Barlow
Katherine Van Wagoner

Music Composition
Ethan Smith

Megan Sansom
Brynne Adamson
Kelly Jorgansen
Sadie Henderson

Aspen Rodriguez
Kaitlyn Schreiner
Lexi Sorenson
David Fuell

Student of the Month

November - Student of the Month 
(Student and Teacher who nominated them)
Vika Tatafu - Angela Pommerening
Spencer Bertsch - Jeanne Yamashita
Koltin Roberts - Kristen Simon-Hill
Peyton Collins - Michael Perry
Cassie Thomsen - Amy Johnson
Aysha Rigby - Robert Morris
Austin Tebbs - Cindy Morey
Colby Stone - Chase Engelstead
Nicole Cram - Michael Miller
Michael Stump - Edward Willis

December - Student of the Month
Jag Martin - Art Erickson
Tyler Mathews - Dan Henderson
Cierra Earl - Tamara Rajczyk
Carson Pugh - Robert Allred
Ethan Shaw - Josh Briggs
Chase Moore - Leslie Thompson
Dalton (Kimber) Adams - Mindy Tidwell
Schaefer Martinez - Candace Foringer
Lindsey Dialogue - Christine LeBel
Zach Chidester - Belva Parks
Gabriella (Gabi) Perez - Shauna Mitchell

January - Student of the Month
Jordan Roberts - Michelle Miles
Mason Francis - Clin Eaton
Emily Lym - Megan Murdock
Aubrey Kidrick - Sam Rogers
Hunter Bovey- Rhonda Spivey
Matthew (Phillip) Hunick - Becky Tueller
McKaley Wilkerson - Laura Taylor
Brinli Dillon - Paul Moizer
Malinda Redd - Jordan Vance
Courtney Steiner - Daniel Melville
Chaz Peck - Vicki Olsen
Mariella Tarafa - Jay Applegate