Friday, October 24, 2014


FCCLA is off to a great start. In September, eight of the officers were able to attend a Leadership Training in Provo. They were able to network with other FCCLA Officers from around the state, listen to great speakers, plan activities and enjoyed an etiquette lunch.

The Opening Social was a success as student played games and learned more about FCCLA in a "Who Wants to be a Millionaire"game. Activity concluded with gourmet ice cream sandwiches.

This month we had a "T.G.I.FCCLA.F" (Thank Goodness It's FCCLA Friday) activity in the Silver Diner. Members brought their own lunch and then enjoyed "FCCLA Frappe" and different kinds of brownies.

We have some really fun activities coming up:
October 23: We will be having a "Haunted Amazing Race" activity.  Meet in room #1128 right after school.
November 6th: There will be an Area 2 activity - more information will be coming.
November 13th: It is time to make "My Cute Little Monster" for Festival of Trees.  Member need to make 2 Little Monsters to qualify to go on the Festival of Trees field trip on December 3rd.

FCCLA is the place to be for Fun, Competitions, Conferences, Service Projects AND Food!

If your haven't joined yet - IT'S NOT TOO LATE! Contact a FCCLA Officer or a FACS teacher for more information!

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