Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Students of the Month for November 2014

Student - (Teacher that nominated student)
Toni Frank - (Shauna Mitchell)
Andrew Cuthbert - (Celeste Giron)
Trentan Pecorelli - (Kathy Bye)
Kallie Taylor - (Joseph Edman)
Brooke Wolverton (Jim Groethe)
Caitlin Stock - (Camille Hicks)
Cassidy Kartchner - (David Johnson)
Lacie Bernardo - (Melissa Usher)
Jodi Haslam - (Trudy Pecorelli)
Olivia Andrus - (Brent Hawkins)
Katja Akiyama - (Brynn Perkins)

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

January 2015

Tuesday, January 6th 2015

Faculty/Staff Highlights

My name is David Petersen and I am the new computer tech for Riverton High School. I have worked in the computer industry for 20 years. I am married with two children. I love technology and try to keep up to date with it as much as possible. I like to do anything outdoors, hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, etc. I love to play board games and videos games with my family and I love music. I have been in the Utah National Guard for 24 years and have been deployed two times, once to Bosnia in 2002 for 10 months and once to Afghanistan in 2008 for 15 months. I have also had the opportunity to complete military missions in over 12 other countries. I am excited to be here at Riverton High and look forward to contributing to this great school.

I graduated from the U of U in Physical Education and Health in 1977.  I went back and got my Masters in Educational Psychology in 1994.  

I taught Essentials of College Study (Master Student), Careers and Self Image as an adjunct instructor for SLCC for eight years.   I worked at South Hills Middle School for 15 years;  8 years as the head counselor.   I started at RHS this year in the counseling center and love working with the great counselors here and meeting with high school students has been fun.  It is also fun to re-connect with many students who went to South Hills.  

Whether I am helping students with scheduling problems or personal issues I feel my job is to give students the tools they will need to be successful in life.
I love most sports, spending time with my family, swimming and reading.



NOW for 2015-16 Tech Center Programs
Online application available at  http://jatc-wj.org/
Application process differs for each program as shown below:
·         Automotive Collision Repair
·         Barbering New
·         Computer Programming New
·         Digital Media
·         Heavy Duty
·         Mechanics/Diesel
·         Landscape Management New
·         Nail Technician New
·         Web/Mobile Application Development
·          Any 2nd Year Program
·         Biotechnology
·         Commercial Aircraft Pilot
·         Dental Assistant
·         Emergency Medical Technician
·          Engineering
·          Fire Science
·         Occupational Therapy
·         Pharmacy Technician
·         Physical Therapy
·         Teacher Education
·         Veterinary Science
·         Medical Assistant
·         Nurse Assistant (CNA)
·         Surgical Technician
Application & essay for these 3 programs MUST be complete before testing which begins February 2.  TESTING INFO
For more details and information on all programs go to   www.jatcwj.org    - “Program Guide”
Come visit us at the JATC
Open House
 Thursday, January 29, 2015   
4:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Tour facility, meet with teachers & current students
Drama News
Come to the Riverton High School Music, Dance, Theatre Broadway Revue on January 9th and Monday January12th at 7:00pm.  This revue will feature 24 new and familiar songs from the world of Musical Theatre.  Tickets are only $7.00 and the show is accompanied by the amazing Mr. Kelly DeHaan.  Come see these future Broadway stars!



Thank you for not parking in the maroon parking stalls in the north parking lot between 2:30 & 7:00 p.m. Monday – Friday and Saturday mornings. We would rather not tow or ticket your vehicles!!!  Park in a yellow stall and you will be safe! Thanks for your cooperation.

3rd & 4th Quarter DRIVER EDUCATION students (& parents)

It is time for you to get your Learner Permit if you have not already done so. It is to your advantage to get your permit from the Utah Driver License Division BEFORE the quarter begins (driverlicense.utah.gov). You must score a minimum of 80% on the Utah Driver Handbook examination to apply for a Utah learner permit. Coach Galley has Utah Driver Handbooks available free of charge in his classroom and he also offers the test free of charge in Room 2626 before school (Mon-Thur) at 7:00 a.m. You may also go directly to the D.L. D. to take the test. If you do not plan on getting a learner permit, please see your counselor to transfer out of 3rd or 4th quarter Dr. Ed. Thanks!


Our popular Dr. Ed. Parent Nights are scheduled in the auditorium each quarter for the parent(s) of current Dr. Ed. students. We encourage you to look ahead and save the date for when you will need to attend. Please note that the general public and any other family members or friends are also invited to join us at this powerful presentation. The Zero Fatalities Parent Night is informative and life changing.

R.H.S. Auditorium from 7:00-8:15 p.m.

3rd Quarter  Monday, February 9th   
4th Quarter  Monday, April 13th

Back in ’82…or ’72…or even ’92…

Times sure have changed. Kids who once were begging to get their driver’s licenses are becoming more difficult to find. Now that teens can survive anywhere with a little food, water, and their phone, transportation and face to face human interaction just isn’t that important anymore. So, why drive? It’s dangerous and expensive and they have apps to download and games to play! R.H.S. currently has several hundred students who have passed the classroom phase but have not completed the driving phases (range and/or road, including the road test). Please do not make the mistake that many are making: thinking that they can just go to the D.L.D. and ask for a license without completing the state-mandated requirements. If your son or daughter has dragged his or her feet and would now like to join the millions of other Americans who have a driver license, please send them to Coach Galley in Room 2626. Regardless of the reason(s) or excuse(s) for not completing, he can help the “licenseless”.
FCCLA has some great activities coming up.  The members are preparing their STAR Events for the Region Competition on February 5th  and the State Competition on March 10th.  These conferences will also include guest speakers, service projects, awards, food and fun.

The members are also finishing up the FCCLA at the Table activity where they are encouraged to eat meals with their families and also learn to prepare dinners.  We encourage ALL families to try to eat more meals together and enjoy family members during this time.

Officers have also planned a Families First activity this month.  The next activity will be January 15th. Members will make cards that will be donated to families who have someone who is serving in the military.  It will be fun to make cards that may brighten someones lives.   

February 9-12 will be FCCLA week.  There will be daily activities for the members that will be lots of fun.