Friday, March 10, 2017

Student of the Month - March

Student - Teacher Who Nominated
Anna Burke - Scott Gunther
Deanna Brady - Taletha Judy
Lizzy Wood - Janilee Taylor
Megan Ruggles - Mike Johnson
Marie Swanigan - Patricia Marshall
Jaron Hall - Allison Porter
Danella Cubas - Melissa Usher
Issac Chai - Steward Hudnall
McKenna Broadhead - Katie Borgmeier
Tanner Gurr - Jason Weimer
Kyle Nielsen - Trudy Pecorelli
Breanna Peterson - Amy Goodrich

MDT Tryouts

Auditions for next year's MDT class will be held Monday, March 27th (Singing) and Tuesday, March 28th (Dancing).  Students need to attend BOTH auditions.  The audition packet can be found in the Main Office and on the RHS website.

Positions are now open for 2017-2018 Stage Crew members.  If you would like to be a part of the RHS Stage Crew, please visit with Mr. Eaton in the Drama Room for a quick interview.