Thursday, April 19, 2018

HOSA State Winners

Congratulations to the following students who placed in the top 10 at HOSA State!  Those who placed in the top 3 will have the opportunity to attend Nationals in Dallas, Texas in June!

Micah Thaller - 1st place Pharmacy Science 
Nancy Wang - 2nd place Extemporaneous Health Poster 
Alexandra Holsey & Hadley Maw - 3rd place - Community Awareness 
Payton Thomas -  5th place - Biomedical Laboratory Science 
Ashton Park - 5th place HOSA Bowl
Morgan Tueller - 5th place HOSA Bowl
Melanie Kinsey - 5th place - Medical Assisting 
Abigail West - 6th place - Biomedical Laboratory Science
Natalie Jepson - 6th place - Medical Assisting 
Cierra Freeman - 6th place Public Health
Kylie Harper - 6th place Public Health
Jessica Rollins - 6th place Public Service Announcement
Katelyn Glenn- 6th place Public Service Announcement
Kylee Gill - 6th place Public Service Announcement
Kylee Wilkerson - 6th place Public Service Announcement 
Emily Bluth - 7th place Job Seeking Skills 
Benjamin Rivera - 7th place Pharmacology
Kaitlyn Stout - 7th place Medical Spelling 
Camrie Densley - 8th place - Dental Terminology
Camrie Densley- 8th place - Health Career Display
Gavin Zaharias - 8th place Job Seeking Skills
Kelton Creggor - 8th place Pharmacy Science
Ben Rivera = 10th place Pharmacy Science

Driver Education Teacher of the Year!

Congratulations to Steve Galley who received the Outstanding Driver Education Teacher of the Year Award. Thanks for all you do to help our students at Riverton High School.

Outstanding Educator of the Year!

Congratulations to Michael Henricksen who was awarded the "Outstanding Educator Award" both at the district level and also the state level.  He was one of the 4 teachers chosen by the PTA throughout the entire state of Utah as the Outstanding Educator of the Year.  Way to go Mike!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Student of the Month - April

Congratulations to the following students!

(Student - Teacher who nominated them)
Aspen Stevenson - Lindsay Maxfield
Payton L. Anderson - Curtis Hagen
Larsen Williams - Jaymie Williams
Brayden Parry - Katelyn Elliott
Logan Newbrough - Clifford Strieby
Llewellyn (Lewy) Wyatt - Susan Wrathall
Riley Young - Tamra Rossiter
Peter & Parley Hammon - Ron Ence
Aceton Eschrich - Russ Crup
McKara Warr - Emily Bateman
Brittany Mortensen - Lisa Craig
Clarissa Ferguson - Jason Weimer
Eli Phelps - LeeAnn Salisbury

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Student of the Month - March

Student - Teacher who nominated them
Jennifer Hodges - Christine LeBel
Kate Markman - Scott Gunther
Jacob Allen - Taletha Judy
Shantel Knight - Janilee Taylor
Ashton Zeeman - Mike Johnson
Payton Thomas - Patricia Marshall -Azares
Isabella Driggs - Adrian Ramjoue
T Lutui - Melissa Usher
Abigail Rekoutis - Allison Jolley
Samantha Jackson - Katie Borgmeier
Clark Johnson (Matthew) - Angela Johnson
McKenna Morgan - Kelly Reynolds

Congratulations to these students!