Thursday, April 14, 2016

Congratulations to Choir, Orchestra and Indoor Percussion!

Recently our choir and orchestra went to Chicago for tour. They received the following awards:
                      Madrigals received a Gold rating and took 1st place
                      Cadence received a Silver rating and took 2nd place
                      A'cappella received a Gold rating and took 1st place
                      Erica Wilson received Outstanding Pianist/Accompanist
                      Sydney Higgins received Outstanding Violin Accompanist
                      Orchestra received a Gold rating and took 2nd place
                      AND...Choir and Orchestra combined received The Chicago 

Fantastic job Jason Weimer, Matt Ulmer, the Choir and Orchestra students! 

Also our Indoor Percussion competed for the first time ever at the State Competition and took 2nd place!  Congratulations to Max Meyer and the Percussion team!

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